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Dresses on the street for Chavah Lindsay with Tiana Naomi

Photographer: Manav Matta. Designer: Chavah Lindsay. Model: Tiana Naomi

Being a fashion photographer in Toronto, I always like to explore new concepts with my work. The streets of Toronto are full of movement and that was the inspiration behind this photoshoot. From high fashion strollers to high rise buildings, the city is anything but slow. Financial district lies in the heart of the city and is home to some of the oldest establishments with magnificent renaissance architecture. 

For this fashion shoot, the model featured dresses made by Chavah and they were absolutely gorgeous. They have a high fashion look and and were featured on the runway in Fashion Art Toronto. 

The model, Tiana Naomi, was a perfect fit for this fashion photoshoot in Toronto because of her petite structure and striking poses. What makes being a fashion photographer in Toronto more challenging is the fact that most public places don’t allow photography of this nature. So, instead of looking for grand structures, I looked for corners that would go well with the theme and colors. One of the best photos from this shoot was taken on the staircase leading to a subway station, and another inside the historical elevator of One King St West Hotel. 

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